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Jan. 25th, 2017

jola: (Pirate)
Below this sales post is a list of charities i would like to donate to. this is not a comprehensive list but the ones i especially want to focus on during these times. I don't have the money to donate, so i am selling my perfume collection of many years ... all perfumes have been stored in wooden boxes free from sun or moisture. Shipping in the usa is usually $3 for tracked first class, sets of 8 or more bottles will be a little bit more. Read more... )NOTE: If your pre-shipping price is $55 or more you can choose which charity your money (with paypal fee taken out and shipping fee) will go to, you can choose from the following. If you are making a smaller purchase the following will be paid in $50 increments in alphabetical order:

ACLU - FUNDED by Multiple

Black Lives Matter - FUNDED pending payment

Center on Halsted a community center in the Midwest dedicated to building and strengthening the LGBTQ community. - FUNDED AND PAID

Chicago Legal Clinic a provider of community-based quality legal services to the underserved and disadvantaged in the Chicago area.

Chicago Public Library Foundation

Greater Chicago Food Depository food pantry.

National Parks Foundation

Planned Parenthood Action Fund - FUNDED by Ilana

... for those that do not take paypal please allow THREE BUSINESS DAYS for funds to transfer to my account before i can post a screenshot proving i sent the donation. i will black out my personal info and post a pic of the donation receipt.

UPDATE: ACLU funded and paid!!!

 photo aclu_zpsv8rveyib.png

Planned Parenthood funded and paid!
 photo Plannedp_zpsmpszbq36.png

EDIT: if we manage (and i hope we can!!!) to fund the first 8 orgs, i'd like to add:
The National Immigration Law Center

Center for Constitutional rights - FUNDED!

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