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so tired

Jan. 2nd, 2017 09:23 pm
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took down our Christmas tree today and spent the rest of the day 1) prepping the tofu bake w/ savory glaze and b) alphabetizing our books in the study .... which is not yet done though i've done maybe 80% of the work i think. Decent amount of overlap, we'll have to refine down to best editions at some point but for now just getting everything in some sort of order is enough for me.

so may people moving to DW, i guess i have to get around to doing that too soon. *sigh* i'm so resistant to change.
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how we are starting the day: mimosas and freshly cut pineapple and a plate of chocolate chip muffins. As expected we did not make it to midnight last night after our hard day working in the study ... but that's actually typical w/ us, we tend to spend our NYE in bed ;)

also my skin is so dry this morning, ick! must work on that.
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So this is the desk that was in the basement when we moved in. Turns out it's a 1940's Executive* desk made by "Central Desk Chicago". Neat!

 photo 15776732_10209582917263822_7823602521765813383_o_zpsdvuye8td.jpg

Also Kurt has installed the wall to wall shelves and we've started putting up our many many books:

 photo 15781779_10209582917223821_8018400033933303721_n_zpsahd4h7oj.jpg

Next week we will have this Sectional couch in red delivered along with a chest of drawers for K.

so it's 10:30 here and we have Prosecco and black berries and we are probably not going to make it to midnight after our long day of hard work but ::shrug:: happy new year <3

*we actually have not yet determined if it's an Executive or Secretary desk as the company is no longer in existence.
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crossposted to Tumblr for easy sharing

Perfumer (and long time friend) Astrid of Blooddrop is having a fundraiser perfume for a kitten that was dumped on her doorstep - kitty needs de-worming, spay and vaccines. Fundraiser is here: http://www.blooddrop.com/category_124/A-Kitten-Benefit.htm For $25 + shipping you get to help this adorable little kitten *and* get a wonderful bottle of perfume for yourself or someone you like "Her perfume is sweetened milk, rice flower, soft sandalwood, vanilla musk, peony, osmanthus, and a little perky blend of sweet citruses". If you live in or near Michigan and looking for a kitten this one will eventually need a forever home!

Any sort of signal boosting is really very appreciated if you would like to help but cannot afford to or you hate perfume (monster!! lol). Astrid already has tons of animals and just cannot financially handle the costs of one more, especially now w/ the holidays and trying to replace her beloved horse that recently passed away. This is a lovely fundraiser and i hope it gets some attention.

... also the perfume sounds pretty damn boss and i purchased one!
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1) swiffer the floors twice a week and wet-mop once a week
2) take a mineral soak bath w/ my Japanese bath-salts
3) experiment with using a daytime highlighter for skin
4) Eat more: avocados, blueberries, black berries & oranges
5) buy new filter for water purifier
6) hook up the HEPA Air purifier & put on the hypoallergenic pillow covers
7) buy vinegar (for use w/ baking soda - clean kitchen)
8) Eat vegan all week! FYI make this Smoky tofu "glazed ham" again!! seriously the best tofu i have ever had!
9) Take walks w/ the husband in the evening and explore the neighborhood
10) send New Years cards for the friends i missed at christmas
11) watch Are You Being served episodes w/ K when bored
12) dig out the green tea, finish off the old tea and buy new!

for 2017:
1) get hair done at Carrie's! at least 2" off the bottom & fun bangs
2) see the Love Witch on the 6th w/ Jordana
3) get my passport
4) buy furniture and get my wardrobe organised
5) sprout kitchen herbs (maybe get this Aerogarden with out BB&B gift cards??)
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reminder: if you get started on 2017 projects now you'll be a few steps ahead of the game on day one ;)

K got me a Witches' Datebook for Christmas (also a Captain America figure) and i've stared making plans for my garden. Seems like a good time to plot that out, take stock of the tools, see what herbs need to be replenished and what we want to be growing here long-term and start to put down roots in a literal sense. I'm hoping i can do a little something every day to make our home nice, to put things where they need to be and have everything making a sort of ground-up spiritual sense. The flow here is really good and things feel more "right" every day.

I pulled more of my dolls out of boxes and set them up, i just need to locate the Egyptian portion of the doll cabinet and that will start feeling right again. I want Calaban's ashes back under the Bast statue in the Burial Chamber/Throne Room section this week if i can manage it.

K is hopefully going to tackle the shelves this week and i can start putting my gardening, cooking, and herbal books up where I can access them again.

it was unseasonably warm today, so K and i took a long walk around the neighborhood and found some cool places ... K found a check for over $100 made out from some company to someone in the neighborhood and he returned it to the person's mailbox, we think they opened it and then it fell out of the pile of mail when they took it inside. Looked legit so no idea why it would be blowing around in the street ::shrug::

it's going to be a great year for Kitchen-witchery i think.
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So the background is this: The house we purchased used to be owned by an elderly woman and she has this easy-access tub/shower so it is really low to the ground. Unlike my old tub which was mid-thigh high claw-foot this one comes up to your shins tops and when the curtain is pulled back it’s easy to not really see it in front of the white tile and at night when it’s dark it’s easy to forget it’s there at all. 2 nights ago I went to the bathroom and when I was done w/ the toilet I got up and (I guess) got too close to the low tub, knocked my shin into it and tumbled forward face first into the tub and knocked myself out. K heard the thump and found me slumped w/ my head and torso in the tub and w/ my nose bleeding. I don’t know if it was because I knocked myself our or maybe I had a mild concussion but I told him I was fine and we both went to bed … at which point I realized my nose was bleeding so I went back to the bathroom and cleaned up and found the blood in the tub *sigh* so that was fun. Oddly enough I have no bruising on my face, just a pink bump on my nose but my forehead and browbone which took the brunt of the hit are fine and I don’t have a headache or dizzyness so I guess I’m ok.

Y’all, 2016 is being all extra tying to wrap up the year with a big steaming turd on top of the current shit-cake. I’m really not amused. Also from now on the shower curtain stays closed so we can see where the damn tub is at night :p
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... Because my beloved husband and one of my bestest friends was born on December 16th!!

::throws glitter and confetti::

Sadly K will *not* be having a great start to his birthday as he not only has to work, but he has to work overtime in an unheated shop in Chicago and it's 18 degrees out (it's around 50-40 degrees in the shop). Ugh. But i will have home-made cake w/ dark chocolate and white chocolate drizzle and presents when he gets home <3
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2 rutabaga, shredded
2 turnips, shredded
1 large onion, shredded
1 egg, plus one egg white
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix all the ingredients, then shape the latkes so they are approximately the size of your palm and about 1/4-inch thick. Grease a cookie sheet with olive oil if you want to keep with tradition, or substitute coconut oil for a lighter alternative. Place the latkes on the cookie sheet with space between them. Once the oven has heated, bake the latkes until golden brown.

just need to find rutabagas i guess, not even sure what those look like whole!
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 photo treetrimming_zpsy3mzukdj.jpg

 photo fete_zpsnpoiixes.jpg

So we had our Holiday tree-trimming party last night. It was lovely, the food turned out great (including the cherry chocolate bundt cake with white chocolate glaze) despite my oven overheating on the right side. We also had peanutbutter cookies, salted pecan shortbread cookies and classic chocolate chip cookies ... and some healthy stuff up front lol.

plus, our tree is decorated <3 lol, we are still cleaning up ...

Also our neighbor 2 doors down shoveled our sidewalk again, so we revenge-shoveled the next two unshoveled sidewalks on the block! neener-neener!
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My Kitchen Island which i got a cyber-monday deal on for $420 + free shipping is being supposedly delivered today, so i'm home. No reason to give local thieves any time to steal it off our porch, you know. So while i'm home i made myself a to-do list:

Make the bed
Wash and dry all the dishes
Throw out the trash and recycling
Clean the drawers in the built-in cabinet, line* and put all cords, chargers and light bulbs in there
Call AT&T about adding house-phone and new number

Wash chairs & Table
Swiffer Floors
Do the laundry
Shop for Dinner
Move paint cans in Study downstairs, move shelves to Study
Write Christmas cards

*lined in lovely lavender scented blue/white paper <3

p.s. have you ever not really wanted to do something on your list so you did something else and then wrote it down on your list and crossed it off in order to feel more productive? No, me neither. Nope.
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It's not too late to do the fall planting (bulbs) so long as the ground isn't frozen .... right??? "Rip Van Winkle" ruffled yellow Daffodils, Hyacinth, pink phlox, Candycane Sorrel and a few "Grateful red" Iris bulbs.

i'll be growing tomatoes and marigolds from seed as always. My order of mixed crocus bulbs was delayed and i'm kind of worried i still don't have them, it's the eleventh hour over here (maybe 11:58) for planting ... if that package does not arrive soon the ground might be frozen and they'll go to waste :( i got a last-chance wholesale super discounted order but then the company merged w/ another company and is moving and my package got somehow cocked up in their warehouse move. We'll see what happens, i may have to get my money back if it's too delayed to plant.

oh fuck it

Nov. 23rd, 2016 07:20 pm
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i stabbed my index finger w/ a knife while scoring chestnuts for the chestnut stuffing .... will have to admit i am not Martha fucking Stewart. It hurts and i'm done, screw this, i'm going to bed.
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Just like this was the house that ate our 15th wedding anniversary, this is the house that is eating Thanksgiving ... which is to say we are so preoccupied with cleaning and packing that we have very little time to enjoy anything else or prepare for anything else. The big move is on the 26th which is the Saturday after thanksgiving. the problem with packing is that absolutely everything needs to be cleaned first - when the old house next to us was demolished it destabilized our apartment to the tune of cracks in the walls and it gets very dusty very quickly (like a layer of dust within DAYS) which we could not keep up with ... we don't want to move grubby things into the new place so i have been cleaning EVERYTHING that wasn't in a secure case (like my dolls) prior to packing but this means everything is taking 3 times as long and K is having a hard time throwing things out. K did the heavy lifting, so to speak, on the new house but i have done ALL of the cleaning and packing so far and i'm really overwhelmed. I've done a hell of a lot but we are not there yet and we basically only have Friday after thanksgiving to get everything else done.

So yesterday i dyed my hair, today i'll be making my vegan "pake" (half cake half pie), i have trouble making a healthy vegan pie crust that is yummy so i gave up and am doing a pumpkin cake covered in vegan pumpkin pie filling (made w/ pumpkin puree, spices and cashews soaked in coconut milk) baked in a pie dish. Plus K really loves chestnut stuffing so regardless of not having any TIME in which to make it i guess i will try and make that tonight as well and iron my dress. Then tomorrow morning i'll make vegan sausage, onion and sage filled mushroom caps, take the bus to my Mom's to help her w/ dinner (she is sick) while K does the sweet potatoes and whipped garlic potatoes and goes to play football w/ his brother, then he'll go back home and wash up, get the food, pick me up and we go do a second thanksgiving at his brother's.

... then we have 1 day to pack and 1 day to move. I switched over all of the utilities, scheduled the phone switch-over, rented the truck and talked to our tax guy because we got a $5,000 bill from the IRS for 2014 (good news, our tax guy figured out what they got wrong and we can get it sorted in a few days but K was SO WORRIED last night i thought he would have a panic attack) and got K's niece a birthday card and present because she was born on thanksgiving.

on the plus side: i got some amazing cajun lobster mac and cheese from a local food truck today. My mouth is pleased indeed.

it's just ... ::waves hands:: ALL OF THE THINGS ::waves hands:: all of these 20 years worth of things ... ugh.

p.s. Technically we have some time on sunday. so long as we get the big items out of the house some smaller things can just be tossed in bins and contractor bags and left in the garage until we can clean them. Not a long-term plan but the best we can do in the short term, we'll cross our fingers about people not breaking into our garage to steal shit ... it's basically going to be some random tchotchkes, Christmas decorations, CDs, gardening boots and doll props so not a huge deal if they did get stolen really.
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We are now members of the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association (HCBA). Our house was built around 1923 and we are researching the fireplaces of that era in chicago because ours was redone in the 70's (they added horrible mirrors took out the wood cabinets! ugh) and we would love to restore it. i've been checking out pinterest boards if you want to see something from that era check out: this

soooooo, ummmmm, does anybody have $1,000 to get us a set of salvaged period glass to insert into the fireplace bookcase we need to rebuild???
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... K, my beloved husband, just revealed to me that he doesn't like Peonies for our garden because they are "old lady" flowers.

I reminded him that's i'm an old lady and PEONIES AND ROSES FOREVER!! (and tomatoes and herbs of course). fuck outta my garden, go sand some trim or some shit.

Also, my mom it turns out had saved a ton of stuff in preparations for our new house. some of it wasn't quite to my taste* but the more functional things we got from her (including a great coffee table and a bureau with really gorgeous and intricate woodwork that my parents got from the Grandparent's house after they died) so I did not have to buy much.

I was able to show people at work the colors we are painting based on the leftover paint on my arms this morning ... whoops!

*like the silver plate utensils. she has a whole case of the stuff and if there is ONE thing i never want to do ever again it's polish fucking silver!!
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so on days we have taken off work to do renovations we work about 12 hours a day. Now that we need to go back to work we go over to the house after work to put in another 3+ hours a day in order to keep pace with our deadlines (need to be 100% moved in by the end of the month but we can't do much of the move until the walls are painted and the stain is on and fully cured), so it looks like we will be moving the big pieces of furniture over Thanksgiving weekend. I have been cleaning and packing what i can on a daily basis so when we go over there we fill up the back seat with boxes and bins so things are slowly heading in the right direction. I'm also throwing away SO MUCH. Anything i can't see using within the next year or that i have not used in the last year *and* i don't want to go through the hassle of selling or shipping somewhere, anything really worn and shabby that just needs replacement.

In case you want to get up to speed on our renovations, i'm tracking them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/jola.kupferer they are public so you should be able to see photos i think. also you can peek at my pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/jolarocknrolla/home-decor/ We went with a very pale green color on the walls and our stain will be "traditional cherry". Our bedroom will have green walls and a white ceiling and hardwood floors, we'll be framing some paintings and prints in gold to add brightness. We are going to have a "study/office" with an orange contrast wall that will have wall-to wall shelving for our books. We aren't doing anything w/ the kitchen or guest-room for now and we are trying to scavenge what wood furniture we can use/refurbish (lol, alley-shopping) since we are on a tight budget and all of our furnishing money will be going towards a new couch (leaning towards sectional, chocolate color, microfiber to hopefully withstand Elizabeth's CLAWS OF SHREDDING DOOM).

So that's the haps. I'm also wearing a perfume from Blooddrop called "corn muffin" which is fresh-bready and very slightly sweet/salty and rather delightful.

I have the day off tomorrow to go shopping for bathroom things (towels, soap savers, toothbrush holder, shower caddy, shower curtain and liner, bathroom rug, bathroom waste bin etc) and 4 covered rolling racks to hold some (though probably not all) of my clothes. Plus laundry baskets and a hamper. And a kitchen trashcan. ::falls over::


Nov. 10th, 2016 08:40 pm
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Pretty long day today, sorry, not much to report ...

here is what the floors look like under the stain:

 photo oldstain_zpsjxjjyzpi.jpg
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instead i will give you my personal good news. We closed on our house, we got the keys. We spent today ripping up all of the carpet in the living room and dining room, pulling out staples and carpet tack etc.

It was good to get to work. it was really healing to build, do something physical for our future.

The floor underneath looks rough, but it's cosmetic rough ... the wood is actually in pretty good shape, just needs a good sanding and stain and it will be gorgeous.

 photo today3_zpswol1bs6k.jpg

more photos Read more... )