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jola: (Oh My!)
So this is a random picture of SS getting worked on as part of process of making his “metal” arm. I’d like to think that this is the second-best job in the world. I’m thinking that the very BEST job was the removal of process, because it never does manage to come off in one piece and there are always wee bits you have to wash off with warm soapy water. Lots and LOTS of warm soapy water, mmmmmm. And one would be quite remiss in NOT following that up with a nice jojoba oil rub, because skincare is very important. And you’d have to do pretty much everything at that point because one does not, DOES NOT, do things by halves and being thorough is the hallmark of excellence. I’d also like to say, as an unrelated aside, that once you have washed someone in warm soapy water and rubbed them with jojoba oil you are very likely to become good friends – it’s just the way life is.

Also, can we talk about the blond woman in glasses at cr0tch level? Because the man is wearing a trash bag which is gaping in the front rather dangerously (and if he missed shaving some bits that morning and things … drip … on other things … there were tears and recrimination let me tell you, I’ve played w/ this stuff) and she’s very very focused bless her heart.

 photo ssbestjob_zps836f752d.jpg

in other news:

planning a last-minute cosplay for Acen since a friend is getting me a free badge. I’ve decided I’m not good enough and don’t have enough time for Fem!Bucky so I’m doing Natasha Romanoff Soviet-era if I can find the issue I want online for visual reference. Wiki seems to think that the WS/Romanoff Russian relationship was shown in CA vol 5, no 27 (Aug 2007) but I can’t find scans ::grits teeth:: and I’d really like to do something at least semi-faithful if I can.

Failing that I’m gonna go completely off the grid and do a Deathrock Russian Natasha and that way at least I’ll be happy even if nobody will ever get it.

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