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ok, i think the latest LJ Tos is finally going to drive what remains out to Dreamwidth ... i guess Russia has now officially fucked up EVERYTHING.

So i'm "Jola" over there, same as over here. At least i'm getting back my nice black backgrounds SMH.

Please add me over there if you can ok? I'll reach out to a few of you personally if i have time because this is the only place we have contact ... LJ will stay "open" i guess until it's shut down, i won't be deleting it i think.
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Strawberry Ale is not half as good as i thought it would be. oh well, i like trying new things, often new and exciting things suck. The risk you take.

(it was like drinking strawberry lip gloss)

ugh, taxes

Apr. 1st, 2017 06:26 pm
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Went to get our taxes done, wind up owing $3,000. Well technically $2,700 but also $200 to our tax guy so (ಥ﹏ಥ)

We can pay it but we certainly were not expecting quite that big a hit so ... *sigh*

if i had two pennies to rub together i would get this but it's not now in the budget now ... even though it's ready to ship and the price is reasonable if you ask me <3 ugh.

Also, i see Megadeth has a beer out?? ok.
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your planner "to do" list for friday night includes "clean cat hair off couch" ;)

K is returning home from a week-long installation and i'm hoping to have the house somewhat presentable for the big Welcome Home <3 Well, at lease the dinner is made and the wine is procured, the rest is really just window-dressing.

(it would have been nice if i *didn't* just get my period of course but *sigh* that's life and lousy timing for ya)
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Shoveled my way out of the pile of work at my job, did my Pilates, sent my BPAL stuff to the post office and did some sorting in the porch and study. i'm feeling good!

K is, however, NOT having a good time w/ this installation and day 1 has been an unmitigated disaster already :( Sadly, nothing for it but to bite down on the bit and power through to the end of the week. I'm going to make sure i have a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine ready for him when he gets home so he can at least look forward to a few relaxing days.

Time for some evening tea and maybe a nice soak in the tub <3 Looking forward to going to the Botanical Gardens w/ my mom tomorrow on my day off, hope we have nice weather.

FYI - probably not going to be at Late Bar Wednesday, i was hoping it was one of Carriemonster's nights but alas!
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Good news: we have our first indoor sprouts! I might have sprouted the tomatoes a few weeks too late but ::shrug::

The bad: K is going to be gone for a whole week doing an installation and i have QUITE a lot planned. Now that i have it all bullet-pointed and mapped out i'm feeling like i'm not going to get it all done.

The ugly: going to try and do Pilates floor exercises again, i have a yoga mat now (needed since we have all hardwood floors). God help me.

i have the day off Tuesday and intend on spending the day w/ my mom at the Botanical Gardens. Wednesday night i'm thinking of hitting up Late Bar maybe??
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 photo Jolagiveaway_zpshjvvfs6x.jpg

by Francesca Martha Østerlund Lanza of Gothic & Lolita Art Studio
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i've put it on my wishlist for when i have money again. i feel like i'm sort of going to have the choice of getting the smaller size which might not flatter my lower belly/lack of waistline or take the larger size which will be too small for my bust. I get the feeling this is YET AGAIN one of those dresses for people w/ hourglass figures.


but it looks comfy and has pretty sleeves! wonder if i could just undo the seams on either side and add lace insets or if that would even be worth it.

also this skirt over this skirt?
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So, the background here is that we needed to get our roof patched as a roof tile blew off and we had 2 leaks, it's going to be about $800 so we are not swimming in money ... but we also will have my MIL coming to stay w/ us in early May and we still don't have a guest-bed. so i went for it and asked on FB to see if someone was getting rid of a Twin frame/headboard/boxspring in decent condition and a neighbor of ours from a block down just happened to be getting rid of exactly that and we can have it for free!! We will be picking it up tomorrow and will just buy a new firm mattress (didn't want to get that used!). Turns out my mom saved a bunch of sheet sets from the old house when we had twin beds, all in great shape since i moved out pretty soon after i got them so i'm also good on bedding ... how about that??

Once in a while the universe comes through!
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thanks to Carrie <3

 photo sass_zpsefyfrypc.jpg
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i've been wanting to make myself a little alter near my witching and gardening books in the study ... I have my little cauldron which holds my grandmother's rings (fabulous and utterly worthless by retail standards) and a carved wooden shelf for my tarot cards and bits. The energy is best in the study and it just feels like the "heart" of the house so that is naturally where everything went.

also a house a few streets down from us just got renovated and put on sale. it's fully finished (our upstairs is not finished) and fully renovated and i'm shocked by the price in our little out of the way neighborhood. FYI that fish-eye lens they are using to shoot the photos make some of the rooms look like they came from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ... check out photo 14!
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Got paid today and decided to treat myself to "The Satanist" by Dennis Wheatley (1973)

hopefully it can take my mind of politics for a tiny little bit. I have a morning tea party scheduled on monday so i want to make some shortbread cookies too - possibly a batch of chai shortbread and a batch of licorice salt shortbread ... i'm feeling experimental. Have my eye on a little Triple Moon Goddess necklace this morning on etsy, maybe it's the sprint towards spring that's making me feel witchy lately?

FYI i also made a $50 donation to Chicago Legal Clinic yesterday, if anyone wants to see the receipt let me know. I have some reasonable hope of making two more donations (to the CPL and local food bank) but otherwise that might be it for a while as sales seem to be drying up. Will see if lowering prices or offering extra incentives works next week but for now i need a break!! All packages went out yesterday and i'll upload tracking numbers tomorrow night.

lol, witches get shit done!
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Center on Halsted a community center in the Midwest dedicated to building and strengthening the LGBTQ community.

Chicago is an oasis in the midwest for the LGBTQ community, now more than ever we need to keep the ball rolling ::thumbs up::

 photo CenteronH_zpsn4ptbna8.png
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 photo aclu_zpsv8rveyib.png

one down, 7 more to go!!! BLM and Planed Parenthood will be good to go as soon as funds transfer into my account from Paypal.

sale ...

Jan. 29th, 2017 12:59 pm
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My Sale

right now we don't have money to donate, but i'd like to sell what i can with proceeds going to the listed organizations. Some are local, some not, all will suffer from the current administration and lack of funding. All have been vetted to the best of my ability and being good places to donate to. PLEASE help me help others ... and maybe find something sweet smelling for yourself :)
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Below this sales post is a list of charities i would like to donate to. this is not a comprehensive list but the ones i especially want to focus on during these times. I don't have the money to donate, so i am selling my perfume collection of many years ... all perfumes have been stored in wooden boxes free from sun or moisture. Shipping in the usa is usually $3 for tracked first class, sets of 8 or more bottles will be a little bit more. Read more... )NOTE: If your pre-shipping price is $55 or more you can choose which charity your money (with paypal fee taken out and shipping fee) will go to, you can choose from the following. If you are making a smaller purchase the following will be paid in $50 increments in alphabetical order:

ACLU - FUNDED by Multiple

Black Lives Matter - FUNDED pending payment

Center on Halsted a community center in the Midwest dedicated to building and strengthening the LGBTQ community. - FUNDED AND PAID

Chicago Legal Clinic a provider of community-based quality legal services to the underserved and disadvantaged in the Chicago area.

Chicago Public Library Foundation

Greater Chicago Food Depository food pantry.

National Parks Foundation

Planned Parenthood Action Fund - FUNDED by Ilana

... for those that do not take paypal please allow THREE BUSINESS DAYS for funds to transfer to my account before i can post a screenshot proving i sent the donation. i will black out my personal info and post a pic of the donation receipt.

UPDATE: ACLU funded and paid!!!

 photo aclu_zpsv8rveyib.png

Planned Parenthood funded and paid!
 photo Plannedp_zpsmpszbq36.png

EDIT: if we manage (and i hope we can!!!) to fund the first 8 orgs, i'd like to add:
The National Immigration Law Center

Center for Constitutional rights - FUNDED!


Jan. 14th, 2017 08:01 pm
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Made three dinners today with help from K: Sweet potato and chickpea Vadouvan curry soup (to be served w/ a simple green salad), spaghetti sauce (roasted tomato w/ red wine and eggplant to have tomorrow w/ garlic bread) and a vegetarian chili (w/ corn, zucchini and roasted poblano peppers) for monday. On the table now; home-made guacamole w/ chips and fresh cut veggies.

next three desserts: diced mango w/ bloody mary spices; pineapple and blueberries; and sliced tangerines and oranges.

(also i got my hair colored at Carrie's ... so pleased! It looks great and it's such a luxury not having to do it myself in the sink <3
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here is an article

they even got a picture of the ELUSIVE Kurt ... he's the one on the left <3
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made last night - 2 dozen lavender-sugar shortbread cookies. Mom is coming over today to see the new couch and i'm hoping she'll try some w/ her tea, i think they are lovely.

Saw the Love Witch at the Gene Siskel theatre on sunday. It was super fun, 60's style witchy sex-sploitation (look it up if you haven't heard about it) but it sold out super fast, i only got in because i had purchased tickets online, a lot of people were disappointed. They were really badly organised, people were in a super long line and nobody was saying that it was sold out until they got to the window and they didn't have a barcode scanner to scan people's tickets you still had to wait in line even if you prepaid ... lame. But the movie was super awesome, if a tiny bit broad in it's humor during the latter part of the film, but totally worth seeing anyway.

and that, my dears, is that!