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Below this sales post is a list of charities i would like to donate to. this is not a comprehensive list but the ones i especially want to focus on during these times. I don't have the money to donate, so i am selling my perfume collection of many years ... all perfumes have been stored in wooden boxes free from sun or moisture. Shipping in the usa is usually $3 for tracked first class, sets of 8 or more bottles will be a little bit more.

1) The Apple Cider Doughnut set from Blooddrop $85 for 8 bottles. These "complexities" were based off of their best selling Apple Cider Doughnut essential oil perfume
ACD 1 Apple Cider Doughnut with cold air, woods, apples, fallen leaves, pears, and sage.
ACD 2 Apple Cider Doughnut with hot chocolate, marshmallow, bourbon vanilla, and a tiny touch of sweet resin.
ACD 3 Apple Cider Doughnut with coffee and pancakes.
ACD 4 Apple Cider Doughnut as if it were made into a bread pudding with rum, whipped cream, and a touch of honey.
ACD 5 Apple Cider Doughnut with copal incense, patchouli, clove and black pepper.
ACD 6 Apple Cider Doughnut with soft white tea, fresh ginger, and Italian lemon.
ACD 7 Apple Cider Doughnut on a sleigh ride with snow, cool pines, holly berries and a touch of white chocolate.
ACD 8 Apple Cider Doughnut in a dark, cozy library with candles burning, the fireplace glowing, and surrounded by leather-bound books.

2) *PARTIAL* Blooddrop Autumnal bottle set - all bottles 2/3 filled or more $65 for the set of 8 partial bottles
Apples & Bones, Pumpkin Musk, Swirling Leaves, Idunn, Wild Myrrh, spellbound, Moonskin, elgy

3) The Big MERCI (thank you) set of TEN $80. Blooddrop blends a special "Merci" bottle every season that is included when you place a large order, i have many of these and am now combining them all in on BIG thank you. There are no bottle or scent descritpion, these are mysteries for you to try from my many years of buying.
Merci #92, 93, 100, 104, 105, 112, 116, 121, 122, Merci Noel

4) the Merci set of 9 $75; Merci #62, 65, 76, 79, 90, 101, 103, 106, 116

Individual "Blooddrop" bottles $12 each:
Mango Tea - sold to Ilana
Kittens and Pumpkins
Cafe Oblique
African Musk
Constance Van Neda
Moving Objects
Wisteria & tea biscuits
Sugared rhubarb
blueberry & angelfood cake
celestial - sold to Ilana
My only sunshine
Golden accord #2
Kissing cake
Tomato Leaf
Spiced Milk
Crimson coffin
Channeling spirits
Patchouli vintage '07
spring rain & egyptian geranium
zodiac club
green musk & iced tea
ghost of prospect hill cemetary
Lush & Languid
Peanutbutter cream truffle
Pan de los muertos
Alpine strawberry & pink rose
Rootbeer & vanilla icecream float
black milk - sold to hoffmj13
that feeling when you take your high heels off
Le jardin
Whinnies #15 - sold to Blyss (gambitslady)
Eerie Dearie
tea length
Postcard from St. Quay
Black tea and Dark Orange
Peau d'ete
French silver fir
The Garden Horse
Corn Muffin
Damp woods
Watermelon cocktail
Rum toddy
Panettone -sold to Ilana
Sweets for Rowan
Coffin Built for Two
Caramel apple - sold to Aileen
Watermelon & Sugared Lemon
Egyptian musk
rat musk
old cemetery road - sold to hoffmj13
coconut musk - sold to Ilana
mummy musk
Il Inebriati
Lilly of the valley
Bats in the Belfrey
tea party in seattle
garden musk
witch musk - sold to Blyss (gambitslady)
at the edge of the beautiful haunting woods
belizian dark orange
china musk
fox in the lillies
black cat musk
Oona Swindhurst
La Reine D'Octobre
Tipsy Pumpkin
Cidre Doux Epice
Quince cider & honey beer
tainted love
When the fireflies glow my heart does also - sold to Ilana
creatures of the night - sold to Aileen
vanilla lemon ginger cream
a multitude of stars on a hot summers night

BPAL Perfume bottles all priced as listed, full unless specified:
13 (miscatonic Yule version) $18
Neutral $17
Hag Musk SN $20 - SOLD to Lois
Nasty woman $22
Sri Lanka $17
Holiday Moon $18
Long Night Moon 3/4 $17
NYE in Dogville 3/4 $20
Poisoned apple $17
Boo Bam $17
Pumpkin I 2014 $18
Box of chocolates: mayan chocolate, annatoseed, pepper cinnamon, vanilla $15
Black Annis $17
embalming Fluid $17
Apothicary $17
Enraged bunny musk 3/4 $17
Zadok Allen Vinyard 4/5 $18
the Apparition 1/2 $15
Stardust 2006 1/2 $15
Pet Magah bird 2/3 $16
Candy Corn coated Candy Apple $20
the Hag 2010 4/5 $18
Autumn cider $20
Lindworm $21
Mistletoe '07 $19
the dormouse $17
Yule '06 1/2 $15
Snake Oil '09 Vintage $50
Tricksy '17 $20
Bat of health $19
Soothing system $19
Crypt Queen $40 - SOLD to Lois
Baneberry $17
Mischief $19
Crypt princess $30 - SOLD to Lois
Prototype Butter arsenic $25
Pumpkin Princess 3/4 $22
Gattapefur 1/2 $15
Staurolite 1/2 $15
India Ink exclusive SN $100
rapidly disintegrating pomander 1/2 $16
Rum-soaked french tonka SN 1/2 $17
blood and judgement so well comingled 1/2 $15
Harvest moon 2012 $20
Gluggagaegir 1/2 $15
Mother Shub's sqyamous sea salt caramel cookies '13 1/3 $15
Halloween on Montreal $20
Yule cookies 1/2 $17
Champagne & absinthe 3/4 $18
Roadhouse $17
Drunk Uncle SN 1/2 $16
the Phoenix '07 $22
La Vita Nuova (just under full) $19

NAVA $20 each
Haunted house on the hill
ghost ship

House of Gloi $12 each
NOTE: If your pre-shipping price is $55 or more you can choose which charity your money (with paypal fee taken out and shipping fee) will go to, you can choose from the following. If you are making a smaller purchase the following will be paid in $50 increments in alphabetical order:

ACLU - FUNDED by Multiple

Black Lives Matter - FUNDED pending payment

Center on Halsted a community center in the Midwest dedicated to building and strengthening the LGBTQ community. - FUNDED AND PAID

Chicago Legal Clinic a provider of community-based quality legal services to the underserved and disadvantaged in the Chicago area.

Chicago Public Library Foundation

Greater Chicago Food Depository food pantry.

National Parks Foundation

Planned Parenthood Action Fund - FUNDED by Ilana

... for those that do not take paypal please allow THREE BUSINESS DAYS for funds to transfer to my account before i can post a screenshot proving i sent the donation. i will black out my personal info and post a pic of the donation receipt.

UPDATE: ACLU funded and paid!!!

 photo aclu_zpsv8rveyib.png

Planned Parenthood funded and paid!
 photo Plannedp_zpsmpszbq36.png

EDIT: if we manage (and i hope we can!!!) to fund the first 8 orgs, i'd like to add:
The National Immigration Law Center

Center for Constitutional rights - FUNDED!
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